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Lebor Simulations Beirut XP11 1.0.1

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    1. Many Libraries are required!
    2. Autogate (included) is required.
    3. The order of the entries in the .ini file is very important as well...
    4. Learn about the "Library Regional Export Mod" and choose what Library file you like to have.
    5. Learn about System Requirement and your system settings to get a fair performance with the scenery.
    6. And many more details you will discover by simply reading the manual :)

- This scenery is demanding! With full graphics settings and details, it can cause serious performance issues unless you have a very strong PC setup (CPU/RAM/GPU).
- The option "Runway Follows Terrain Contours", in the General Settings, is required for the scenery to work properly (so you need to keep it enabled).
- The scenery is NOT compatible with HD Mesh (or any custom mesh for the Middle East).
- The scenery might not display another Orthophoto from another package that falls in the same tile where the scenery is located. (We might need to find a solution for that). 
- The scenery might conflict with surrounding sceneries (freeware or commercial).
- We do not include any static aircraft at the gates of OLBA. The reason is that we do not want to block gates users might want to park at and you might prefer to use AI (dynamic) traffic from an addon you have. You can also enable the "Draw Parked Aircraft" in the graphics settings or create "basic" AI traffic for the airport in X-Plane 11 as well. However, in the future, we might probably release a separate static package, we will see...

We are not a commercial add-on development group, we design scenery in our free time, thus we will try to give the best support but please be patient!

Enjoy the scenery!
Lebor Simulations Team


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