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택싱 스피드 헬퍼 (Taxing Speed Helper)

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I have been an X-Planer since XP9.  Like many I came over from that other sim where there was a an awesome utility that I used constantly for taxiing.  You set the speed and it maintained it while you taxied.

Not finding anything like that,  I wrote this lua script that works fairly well.  It is definitely not an elegant way of going about it but it works quite well.


  • Works will the Zibo Mod and MOST of my payware. The only one it didn't work well with was the LES Saab.
    • Toliss - A319 (Park Brake click spot with this plane only engages the Park Brake when not moving due to strange behavior otherwise)
    • FJS 727
    • FJS Dash-8
    • Carenado Fokker 50
    • DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 Series v2
  • Use mouse wheel to set speed
  • Make sure the master is on and the Park Brake is off
  • Maintains your taxi speed within a few knots
  • Turns off when thrust is over 0.4 or wheels off ground
  • 20 is the default speed (you can change this)


As with all lua scripts, place in your ...X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts folder.

Uninstall by removing the file from your scripts folder or changing the extension.

Written with FlyWithLua 2.7




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