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A plugin that does away with X-Plane's idiotic centered little box for mouse steering and replaces it with a more sane system for those who, for whatever reason, want to or have to use the mouse for flying.

The plugin removes the centered + sign with the squared box around it and instead adds a new command to X-Plane 11 that lets you toggle mouse yoke control on or off. When toggled on, you can

  • move the mouse right to go right,
  • move the mouse left to go left,
  • move the mouse toward you to go up,
  • and move the mouse away from you to go down.

The absolute mouse position on the screen represents the deviation from center of the yoke, i.e.

  • move the mouse to the right edge of the screen to apply full-right yoke,
  • move the mouse to the left edge of the screen to apply full-left yoke,
  • move the mouse to the bottom edge of the screen to apply full-up yoke,
  • and move the mouse to the top edge of the screen to apply full-down yoke.

Additionally, a magenta text indicator is displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen whenever mouse yoke control is active.

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