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Need a moving map or PDF charts inside the cockpit that is also usable in VR? Maybe this is the plugin you're searching for.

AviTab is a tablet for your cockpit with full support for X-Plane's native VR mode and the normal 2D mode. The screenshots were taken in standalone mode to get a high resolution, but you can have the same window as a native plugin window in X-Plane!

Requires X-Plane 11.20+ (VR or 2D both work) on Windows, Linux or OS X

AviTab is OpenSource: GitHub page




  • Extract the archive and move the folder into your X-Plane/Resources/Plugins directory
  • Start X-Plane
  • Find a new menu inside the plugins directory to toggle the tablet
  • Optionally, you can assign a key for this command (I prefer the right-hand lower trigger)
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