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Fps boost 1.1 ( 퍼포먼스 향상)

운영자 | 조회 수 19 | 2019.05.07. 11:08
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Hello, I hope you are having a nice day. 

This is my first contribution to the xp11 community. This simple lua scripts modifies some datarefs and changes the way x plane 11 renders. This will impact visuals ONLY SLIGHTLY but will give ALOT of fps boost. This script is ideal for streamers, people using low to medium end pcs.  YOU NEED FLYWITHLUA


X plane 11 - Resources - plugins - Flywithlua - scripts 

Like this file?? 

Feel free to follow me on twitch to show you support (I shared this channel with a friend of mine)





어느정도 효과가 있는지 직접 테스트는 안해봤습니다 ;)

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